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About Eva

Eva hails from the Great Lake state of Michigan, where she spent most of her childhood “ playing” with plants, creating teas, infusions, and inks.

 Eva has dedicated her life to working with plants and crafting tonics, salves, sprays, soaps, and other products. With Michigan boasting over 2,600 native plant species, Eva had ample opportunities to expand her knowledge. She inherited many recipes and acquired additional expertise through experimentation and reading.

Eva has dedicated the past 17 years to studying the Wyoming environment, focusing on plant species and climate. She has adjusted her traditional recipes to embrace Wyoming’s native plants. Eva describes herself as a lifelong learner and a self-professed enthusiast. Her passion lies in assisting and educating others about recipes and their advantages. Continuously evolving, she embodies the spirit of exploration. Eva resides in Powell, Wyoming, with her four children. Her products often draw inspiration from her children and the necessity for using pure and safe ingredients

About Wander Wild Apothecary, LLC

Wander Wild Apothecary believes that all people should have access to natural body care products. The healing properties of plants belong to everyone. With that in mind, Eva works with plants to create safe, pure, and luxurious products, for all people.

Wander Wild specializes in small-batch, natural, and holistic remedies to enhance your self-care needs. Every herb and plant used in Wander Wild goods is ethically wildcrafted, homegrown, or certified organic. Each plant is selected for its unique healing priorities. Every oil and butter is certified organic, and as close to raw as possible.

With skin being the body’s largest organ, whole-body care is a priority. We pride ourselves on using food-grade, pronounceable ingredients, meaning you know exactly what you are putting on your body. Using both time-tested recipes and spur of the moment, “Let’s try this!”, Wander Wild has a salve, butter, soap, or spray that will fulfill your needs.

Wander Wild Apothecary is a female-owned small business located in Northwest Wyoming with roots in Michigan.

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