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What I Offer

Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer

Reiki is used to amplify the energy of crystals, helping you focus on specific areas in your body or conditions that are ready for healing. In a Reiki session energy comes down from above through our Crown Chakra while grounding us with earth’s power through the Crystals! Together these energies bring peace into every part of your being.

This type of healing intention is to create deep relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing.

In my sessions, I bring in energy from the many tools in my toolbox. Harmonic Soul Balancing using Orgone Energy, Crystal & Metal Singing Bowls, Crystal Tuning Fork, and Crystal Pyramid. You will leave my session, feeling great and your Chakra’s balanced!!

I also practice Raindrop Therapy for healthy Immune system balance. A technique of the Spine. It helps fight viruses & bacteria that lay dormant along the Spine. It involves using therapeutic-grade essential oils for the spine, neck, and feet.


I love painting. It is very therapeutic to me!! I use Acrylic Paints in my work. When I decide what I am going to paint, I use mostly photos I have taken. I will combine several sometimes. I like painting on many surfaces. I have painted on Rhubarb Leaves from my garden, rocks, cupboards, recycled cigar boxes, rusty surfaces, and canvas. Most of my originals I have Prints and Note Cards made from. The Note Cards are 5 x 7 frameable. The Prints I can have made to any size. The Note Cards are available at Cody Art League.

Orgone Healing Products

Orgone is Universal life force energy (chi, ki, prana) found freely in nature, where it hasn’t been energetically corrupted or polluted. Man-made Orgone Generators help balance negative energy into positive-balanced energy and daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The Orgone Generators are created by using specific mixtures of Organic and Inorganic material to form an energy field. Crystals are added to increase the inherent frequency of the Orgone energy.

Benefits of using Orgone Generators include better sleep, increased energy, protection from fluorescent lighting, energized and balanced food and water, help with anxiety and stress, healthier plants and animals, amplified crystal, and reiki energy for healing.

I have been making Orgonite products for 15 + years and teaching its healing powers.

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About Ronda

Born a Clairvoyant/ Empath, I was not raised around anyone who could help me understand what I saw, heard, or felt. It wasn’t till my early 30’s I began to find people in my path who could help me understand and explain what I was experiencing! From that time on I began to learn and accomplish the skills and understanding of the Metaphysical and Spiritual parts of who I am. I feel I am now at a place where I can begin to help others understand and know who they are.

I am a native of Wyoming. I live 80 miles from Yellowstone and am very grateful for my life. As a Master Gardener and Artist, I enjoy Mother Nature’s gifts. I have two greenhouses and grow herbs and vegetables.

About Healing Arts for the Soul

I believe that the elimination of stress and tension is critical to the improvement and maintenance of overall well-being. I work to improve quality of life through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rejuvenation. Self-esteem and a balance of health and wellness are achieved in the treatments designed to satisfy the whole body. My ongoing goal is to exceed the expectations of my clientele with hands-on professional service.

Training and Certificates:

1999- Reiki Master/Teacher, Usui Shiki Ryoho     Teacher- Annelise Chamberlain

2000- 100 hours Massage Training           Instructor- Miss Tillie Whitt

2002- Certified Crystal Healer                       Instructor- Linda Thomas

2004- Raindrop Therapy                        Training through Young Living

2015- 2 years Training Academy of Mediumship      Instructor- Shane Gadd

2021- Angelic Healing Practioner           Instructor- Tiana Magdelane

2024- Dragon Reiki, Level I                  Instructor- Nickolas Mparalos


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