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Healing Workshops & Energy Healing in Powell, WY

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Linda Thomas – Eternal Ice

Powell, WY
Phone: 307-254-8536

Eternal Ice is all about discovering the healing light and power that is within you through crystals. Mind, body, emotions and spirit can be balanced!

What I Offer

Healing Workshops Powell, WY

Healing Workshops

All of Linda’s workshops encompass channeled information about the crystals, energy and chakra balancing, cleansing, recharging your personal stones, and sharing methods you may use for your personal enrichment.

Energy Healing Powell, WY

Energy Healing

Linda works closely with the Ascended Masters who guide her in her healing work. Through the process of laying stones on the body; integration of the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies is achieved.

Layouts are done on both the front and back of the body and vary significantly in intensity, as with the synergy of the stones on the breastplate spoken of in the Bible, stones in a layout interact in such a way as to create deep levels of healing if one allows.

Crystals in Powell, WY


Linda’s personal collection of healing stones is extensive, and her array of dazzling and unique stones and crystals for sale is irresistible! Linda has stones from around the world!

You are invited to bring your favorite stone to be identified!

About Eternal Ice

Eternal Ice is a holistic healing center and crystal boutique. We offer classes and a large inventory to choose from. Linda Thomas, owner and author, is a certified crystal healer as of 1988. Call for a personal crystal layout appointment.

Eternal Ice is all about discovering the healing light and power that is within you through crystals. Mind, body, emotions and spirit can be balanced! Each crystal shape, color and internal structure resonates with a frequency that gives each their healing ability. The holistic practice of crystal healing has been used for centuries and the therapy is gentle, non-invasive and holistic.

Linda Thomas’s first book, Crystals and Dragons: A Journey of Discovery, is available at Eternal Ice in Powell, WY and on It is an Award-Winning volume and a great introductory to crystal healing & how to use the energy of the stones.

Why Choose Me

Knowledge and Experience you can Trust!

Since early childhood, Linda has been fascinated by stones. As the owner of a bookstore, she began selling crystals and exploring the energy and properties of the stones and how they could be used in healing. There was an inner knowing that continued to expand. Since receiving her certification in crystal healing in January 1988, Linda has traveled throughout the United States doing lectures, workshops, and private appointments. Linda empowers you to discover the healing light and magick within you!


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Our Customers

I have the most wonderful customers!

An environment of beauty and magnificence. the gazebo and outer area are exquisite. What a gift to out community and region! thank you, Linda for creating this haven!

Sharealindae H.

from Facebook

Today I met the most as special lady. Thank you Linda for your help today. Thank you sending me in the right direction. Your powerful words hit home. Looking forward to our next meeting. I definitely will be back.

Jenni D.

from Facebook



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