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Alicia Tolar – Mayfly Spirit

Mayfly Spirit Animal Communicator Byron, WY

Alicia Tolar- Mayfly Spirit

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Mayfly Spirit
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Connecting through the Soul

What I Offer

Animal Communication

Have you ever wondered what your pet is trying to tell you? Now you have the opportunity to find out. This session offers a long-distance animal communication session with the opportunity to have me connect with your pet and ask them three questions of your choice.

Animal communication is a connection to the soul of the animal so I don’t need to be in the same room with them. The answers and communication I receive from animals can come in the form of visuals, sounds, and smells as well as words. The length of answers depends entirely on what your animal wishes to communicate in response to your question. Most animals are very excited at the opportunity to speak with a human who can help them connect with their owner. Once asking your animal your questions I will send you a PDF with a transcript/translation of the session.  

For the session, please send a recent photo of your animal (preferably one where their eyes can be seen), their name, as well as their age or birth date.

About Alicia

I grew up in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia before moving out west. I moved to Wyoming for a job five years ago and while the job didn’t stick Wyoming did. I recently moved to the Big Horn area to be closer to my parents.

I love to get outside with my dog. In the summer I enjoy hiking and mountain biking, and in the winter I trade out my hiking boots for snowshoes. I have one dog, Kiara, who is my best friend and constant companion.

I have spent years studying and working in the “alternative” spaces. My studies have included crystal therapy, tarot, and energy work. I have felt the strongest call when it came to animal communication. In 2018 I received her certificate in animal communication and took additional classes in muscle testing, color therapy, and other modalities for working specifically with animals

About Mayfly

In the years of doing animal communication, I have seen how it helps to facilitate a deeper connection between pets and their owners. Animal communication can help to uncover the reason behind a pet’s behavior and unlock how best to manage it. It also allows pets to share deeper lessons with their owner. While not all pets are philosophical every pet I have spoken with has had their relationship with the owner improved through this experience.

This goes for in-spirit communications as well. These sessions can be deep due to the nature of where the pet is. Often they provide comfort to the owner surrounding the pet’s passing as well as a better understanding of the impact they had on their pet.

I work with pets because I like them more than people. Pets lack the blocks that people often do when it comes to opening up. They can assess a full situation and uniquely provide comfort. While I do also work with other modalities animal communication has also been strong in my life.

I received my certification from The Lightfoot Way, which is an institute committed to deepening human connection with animals and holistic animal care.


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