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Integrating Western + Eastern ​healing modalities in a modern era

What I Offer


  • Those wanting a bit more instruction and time in asanas (postures)
  • If you haven’t practiced yoga in a while and would like a refresher
  • You would like a deeper dive into alignment and the fundamentals of yoga

Gentle Flow – This class is for all levels from the beginner to the seasoned yogi. Enjoy a candlelight flow that consists of ​gentle yoga asanas (postures/movements), pranayama (breath work), guided body scans/meditation, optional use of essential ​oils, self-massage, and a longer savasana (resting pose). Small face towels are provided to cover the eyes/face at the end of ​class. You may want to bring a blanket/socks for Savasana. 

Online Classes – These classes are offered online via Zoom. Once you register for a class, a Zoom link will be sent to you. ​Please arrive early to ensure that you can log in and perform any updates that may be necessary. This class will be held ​in the yoga studio with no other students in the room. This is so the online students can have my undivided attention! I will not ​be able to play music to comply with copy-write laws, but you can jam out to your own! Cameras on are optional and please ​mute once we start class.


The ancient Indian medical system, also known as Ayurveda, is based on ancient writings that rely on a “natural” and holistic approach to physical and mental health. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest medical systems and remains one of India’s traditional healthcare systems. Ayurvedic treatment combines products (mainly derived from plants, but may also include animal, metal, and mineral), diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

Ayurveda Wellness

Initial Ayurveda Consultation – 90 Minutes

  • Questionnaires, pulse assessment & interview
  • Recommendations, education, and plan of ​care provided
  • Investment – $150

Follow Up Ayurveda Consultation – 60 Minutes

  • Follow up after initial consultation
  • Pulse assessment
  • Adjust recommendations as necessary
  • Investment – $70

Follow Up Ayurveda Consultation – 30 Minutes

  • Follow up after initial consultation
  • Adjust recommendations as necessary
  • Investment – $45


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About Stacey Lynn

Namaste friends! My name is Stacey Lynn McInally ​and here is a little bit about me. I have been a ​registered nurse for 16 years. I have practiced ​several modalities in nursing including Medical-​Surgical, Post Operative, Telemetry/Step Down & ​Cath Lab. I was a circulating nurse in the Cath Lab ​for a little over 7 years and enjoyed my job. ​During my last 3.5 years in the Cath Lab I began travel ​nursing and visited multiple states including NC, TX, ​NE, PA, CO, MT & SD.

I started my love for yoga the same year I graduated nursing school, back in 2007. My first class ​was in a gym in North Carolina. As you can see, I have never forgotten that class! After that, I was ​hooked. I didn’t know what it was, but it brought me great peace.

In 2018 I decided to take the plunge and become a yoga instructor. I obtained my RYT 200 hour ​in Fort Collins, CO. I teach a variety of styles including Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle, Beginners, ​Trauma & Yoga Nidra. A passion of mine is teaching trauma yoga. I have guided multiple classes ​at the Rapid City Police Department and Sacred Mountain Retreat Center in Deadwood, SD. At ​this moment, I am currently working on my 500 hour training! I have slowly been incorporating ​new learnings with my students.

I love to guide meditation as it has changed my life in so many ways. I also incorporate ​mindfulness in all of my classes as it brings us to this present moment. Such a special gift.

In 2022 I completed my Master of Science Integrative Medicine, Ayurveda. This ancient ​knowledge has changed my life in so many fascinating ways. I am so grateful. In August 2023 I ​began the journey towards shamanism and energy work. I am now a certified Huna Shaman and ​recently became a 13D Master Practitioner. Simply stated, this is reiki without limitations. I ​incorporate my energy work into all that I do.

In 2023 my husband and I moved from Rapid City, SD to Powell, WY. Powell is something ​special from the people, community, small businesses, farming/ranching, and of course all the ​mountain ranges that surround us. We are so grateful to be here! I want to integrate Western & ​Eastern healing modalities in a modern era to empower others to live their best life.

About Gravity Health & Wellness

Experience the wonders of yoga and Ayurveda with Gravity Health and Wellness. Stacey Lynn McInally, a compassionate and experienced yoga instructor, offers a comprehensive and safe environment to enhance your knowledge, joy, and wellness.

As a certified yoga instructor with over RYT 200-hour training, Stacey offers an array of styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle, Beginners, Trauma & Yoga Nidra, tailored to your individual needs. By incorporating mindfulness in all of her classes, Stacey helps you to embrace the present moment and find peace.

Join Stacey on an exciting journey towards healing and self-discovery. Her passion for trauma yoga and mindfulness is infused in all of her classes, providing a unique and transformative experience. Additionally, she has completed her Master of Science in Integrative Medicine, Ayurveda, which allows her to guide you towards holistic well-being.

Stacey’s teaching style combines ancient wisdom with modern science, offering profound benefits for your physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. Enroll in her classes today and embark on a path toward a healthier and happier you.


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