Shana Estes- Black Cat Alchemy Company

Shana Estes- Black Cat Alchemy Company

Shana Estes- Black Cat Alchemy Company


Specializing in Aesthetically Beautiful Magic!

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What I Offer

A Wide Variety of Handmade Products

A Wide Variety of Handmade Products

Shana personally creates every Black Cat Alchemy item. Black Cat Alchemy Company makes a variety of magically intentional items as well as just pretty things! There are also items for the tabletop game lover!

Their bath and body line lends itself to peace and joy. The jewelry is mostly dainty, and detailed, and inspired by the magic/beauty Shana sees in the world. They are also very skilled with their resin work, which comes in a variety of decorative forms. Even their Tarot Decks have been created by the owner. Shana puts everything she has into her products!

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Shana offers digital readings. Listed below is a variety of digital readings available in her shop. Digital Readings allow her the time to ensure she’s in the right mental and energetic space and to give the most thorough interpretation.

One card pull $5

Self-Care Five card Reading $15

Three card Problem/Root Solution reading $10

Three card Past, Present, Future reading $10

Celtic Cross 10 card reading

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About Shana

Growing up, Shana would accompany her mom to the Denver Psychic Center, which has since closed, and visit with the gals in the shop while her mom attended various classes. She would read books about crystals and astrology and have long conversations with the other patrons.

Around 10 years old, she would spend weekends with her friend Sam in Evergreen, where Sam’s mom worked at a log furniture store. On their explorations, they found a shop that smelled of patchouli and sold various herbs and trinkets. The owner didn’t mind that they spent so much time there, even though they rarely spent more than $10 apiece.

Being of middle school age at a time when so many young girls were inspired by The Craft to start a coven, Shana would spend many hours after school, at a grove of trees with three friends who were more interested in trying to perform love spells on the boys, than learning about even the simplest rituals. So she eventually turned back to solo practice. But she always dreamed of having a little shop similar to the one depicted in Practical Magic.

About Black Cat Alchemy Company

What started out as a hobby of making jewelry, spiraled into a dream come true, with the inspiration of her dear fellow practitioner. Fueled by a mutual love of their black cats, a small online apothecary unfolded. Each item is made with intention, accounting for the energy and properties of the ingredients. All items are handcrafted with care.

Though all efforts are made to keep products free of irritants, I do have a wonderful and not-so-helpful shop cat. His name is Price aka Vinny P, and he is the inspiration for some of the items. When you follow Black Cat Alchemy Company on Instagram, you can expect to see a good balance of apothecary items and photos and videos of Price.

Why Choose Me

Shana is a proud Wyoming witch and artist! Everything she makes is infused with beauty, creativity, and intention. Shana puts her heart into every piece and every piece is unique. Black Cat Alchemy Company is female owned small business.


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