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About Our Co-Working Place

The Coalition of Healers is a fellowship of individuals representing a spectrum of healing modalities with the common goal of empowering others and healing the world. Our approach is two pronged. We are committed to providing a centralized platform for clients to quickly and easily access healing services of their choice. We equally focus on creating a safe and collaborative forum for healers to support one another and connect.

Coalition of Healers is combating the limiting belief that healing is one dimensional. Healing comes in many forms and whether it derives from Western, Eastern or Metaphysical practices they can all work complimentary to provide a comprehensive approach to support each person at the highest level.

We are doing this by inviting healers of all backgrounds to share in this philosophy and join the coalition. We are creating transparency and easy accessibility to clients to have a better understanding of what resources are available to them.

Developing educational and marketing opportunities to communicate further and develop deeper connections between healers and clients.

Our Team

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Emily Hart

Founder / Director

Benjamin Cloud

Webmaster / Director

Pirate the Cat

Security / Pirate

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Coalition of Healers offers a unique wellness experience by exhibiting a spectrum of healing modalities from devoted healers around the state while providing networking and support. We want people to know there are more ways to heal than they may realize.

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