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Emily Hart – Indigo Thrive

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Supporting your empowerment journey to connect with your most authentic self.

What I Offer

Divine Healing

Emily’s focus is to educate and empower others to be able to heal themselves and explore their own strengths.

Emily channels the divine for guidance and messages. She is versed in working with the Chakras and can identify imbalances within those energy centers to help re-balance them through a variety of interventions.  

Emily also has an array of effective tools including exercises, techniques, and discussion topics that you can integrate into your own life for sustainable healing.

Energy Products

Every Indigo Thrive product is handmade by Emily. The recipes for products have been divinely inspired and focus on energy circulation and healing. Many of the ingredients used for Indigo Thrive are cultivated and harvested by Emily including Marjoram, Peppermint, and Rosemary.

All Indigo Thrive products are non-GMO, toxin-free, dye-free, and without eight major food allergies. Every product is quality tested before distribution and each recipe is beta tested for up to six months prior to production. Indigo Thrive also strives to use reusable, sustainable, and ethically created ingredients and packaging as part of their eco-mission.

You deserve to use products that support you not harm you. 

Oracle Readings

Emily is a lightworker who has the gift of intuitive guidance. Her intuitive readings offer a fresh and accurate perspective to validate your experiences while providing key insights into the road ahead by using divine energy to drive the session.

Often accompanied by Angel or Oracle cards this reading varies depending on the intent of the patron, however, these readings will always convey what is needed to benefit your highest self.

This 60-minute Intuitive Reading can be done in person, via Zoom, or by phone, whichever is most comfortable for you. Your reading includes photos of any cards used, a synopsis of the reading, and two accompanying Indigo Thrive products of your choice.

Featured Products

About Emily

Emily Hart is a small business owner with a background in business efficiency and process improvement. She has extensive experience in healthcare, coaching personal empowerment and interpersonal skill development, as well as energy work. Emily is a 2011 University of Wyoming graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. 

Emily has over 20 years of studying concepts of energy work and embracing her divine skills. She is utilizing that experience and knowledge in product creation, intuitive messaging and overall health. Emily has certifications in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Blending, Mindfulness and Life Coaching.

Plagued with chronic illnesses most her life in 2017 her body suddenly failed, prompting immediate medical interventions to combat malnourishment, anemia, increasing rates of respiratory and ENT infections, and overall decline. After years of perpetual lab work, specialty visits and no answers, Emily began her own healing journey. Today she has been able to cure several of her ailments and continues to heal to live her happiest life.

The learning lessons and successes Emily has learned through her experiences and own healing are the cornerstones of Indigo Thrive. She hopes that her journey can inspire others to thrive.

About Indigo Thrive

In healthcare, we have a term we use to refer to someone who is on a general decline in health. This encompasses nutrition, inactivity, depression, immunity, physical symptoms and a litany of other miserable terms to define this. The term is Adult Failure to Thrive.

I fit this description by my early thirties.

As a result, my body started to shut down and I was left with a lot of time, between bed rest and treatments, to learn how I got to that point. Those insights began my shift from surviving to thriving. From working for others to owning my own business. From unhealthy and stagnant to healing and creating.

Indigo Thrive was born out of necessity to fill a need of connectedness, true healing and to close the gap where western medicine has failed.

I am not always comfortable in my skin, but I appreciate the girl I was, the healing woman I am now and the future evolution of the woman I am going to be.

– Emily Hart

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Your Health on my Mind

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