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Journies of healing, where all parts of you remain intact, to Become and to Be –

Become the Beholder.  Be the Beholder.  If Beauty is not seen it does not exist.

-Michelle Horrocks

What I Offer

BE Workbook

The purpose of this book is to provide a safe place for self-discovery to become fully you.  I have developed these tools to create a way to organize and reintegrate your Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit so that you may then heal.  My intent, My story, About the Dandelion and the Bee, Healing Spaces and Healing Gardens, Unraveling and Healing the Heart thru Art, meaning actual stick figures.  Anyone can draw a stick figure.  You are painting or coloring in this book, whichever you prefer as we work through the 7 energy centers, the colors of the rainbow, and our experiences in life every 7 years.

Workbook $22

Have a Tea and BE

Have a Tea and Be!  A self-reflective treatment to your face, hands, feet, and spirit as you take a breath, and drink warm Dandelion Tea. Let us pamper you and BE.  Warm dandelion tea will be served to you as you get to the root.  A balance for all your energy centers.  Grounding Cinnamon and Cardamon for your face, Lemon and Eucalyptus for your heart, and Lavendar Cedarwood for your feet.  Some of us are grounded to the Heavens and some to the Earth, but the key is to be grounded to all, to be whole, and to fully feel safe to BE ourselves. 

$25/30 minutes *  $35/45minutes * $45/60 minutes

Fresh Herbs and Starts

Our biggest lesson over the last 2 years is that we are our biggest asset.  Our knowledge, our health, our ingenuity, our strength, and our immunity.  The first step is to take control and power over our own health.  Immunity, hydration, gut health, movement, and strength.  We do this by learning to grow our own foods and be sustainable.  Seedlings and fresh herbs will be available in June 2023.  This is a small operation from my home and “glass house” in Cowley, WY.  I will deliver to local restaurants weekly.  I will have an update of what is growing and available each week.  Seedlings will be available at the Red Lodge Farmer’s Markets on Saturdays during June.

$3 per seedling   $24 per herb garden start $4 per bunch of fresh herbs.

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About Michelle

My life has been wonderful.  I am extremely blessed.  I was raised by two wonderful parents who still are in love to this day.  I am the oldest of six children and have the most wonderful siblings.  Three boys and three girls.  My family is smart and kind and loving and amazing.

I am a very concrete thinker.  To me, things are black and white.  This sent me on a path that steered me away from my family.  At our core, we remained intact, but energetically, I felt very closed off.  I realize now that this was my doing. 

A few years ago, it occurred to me that I needed to be so that others could be.  I was not clear on what it meant to be completely myself.  This is when my healing journey actually began.  

You see, I am a Dandelion and the realization of this has made me whole.  The Dandelions quietly sit and listen to others’ needs and wants.  They attempt to speak up but are usually cut off quickly.  Their high emotional state is off-putting to most and they learn quickly to become even quieter.

The Dandelions are smart, highly intelligent, and observant.  They carefully watch what works, observe others’ behaviors, and what to do and not to do for acceptance and approval.  Where the Dandelion goes wrong is in trying to be a rose or a geranium or a pansy, but they are a Dandelion.

I know now, I will no longer adapt to anything or anyone that is not in alignment with me.

The phrase bloom where you are planted I’ve learned is very untrue.  Each flower and plant has different needs and will absolutely not bloom in the wrong soil or sun.  No matter how hard I try, if I plant a hollyhock seed, it will never become a rose, and hollyhocks and roses both have different needs.  

Our responsibility is to become wholly ourselves and then put ourselves into the environment that is best suited for us.

No longer bloom where we are planted, but bloom and then plant ourselves.

About BE

My business BE is my tribute to the four horsemen in my life.  BE is for them.  Without them, I would not be.

In 2020, I asked my youngest son if I was wrong in teaching them to just be kind to others and all would work out.  He assured me that I was not wrong, but had not taught me that you need to put yourself first.  Be kind to yourself, protect yourself, and yes, save yourself.  Because without you, you cannot help others.

In 2021 for Christmas, with tears streaming down my face I read the first pages of BE at the table in our living room.  My oldest son bought me the most beautiful journal to continue my thoughts and my business and reminded me of what I was doing this business for.  I was so excited to get my book completed for his birthday this year.  As his mom, I have felt very unprepared for events in his life.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to come up with the material I would have used at the time.

During both years of my mental breakthrough my middle son would say, “mom, you wanna go to the…” and I did every time.  To experience nature and fear and the past is so comforting to him and uncomfortable to me, but I went every time and I had so many wonderful experiences.  He is calm and understanding and also willing to test if I was really in my right mind.  He is a perfect blend of depth and fun.

Lastly, BE is for my husband.  For what he has endured, for the adventure it is to be married to me and for the first time, we locked eyes.  His beautiful blue eyes have been there through it all.  I look to him for safety and truth and understanding.  We did not fall into each other’s path by accident.  The proof is in those three beautiful boys.

BE is a way of being.  A safe space to be you.  You be you, I’ll be me.  Just let $#^* be!

Why Choose Me

Small Business Owner

I am a small business owner using a grassroots methodology to truly connect with others in a positive and loving way.

Keeping it Local!

I collaborate with other local, small business owners to create meaningful and supportive services.

Environmentally Friendly

BE understands that environment isn’t just our external world. The environment is also our homes, our bodies, our minds, and our souls. In addition to contracting products that support the sustainability of our earth, BE also supports the health of our internal environments for maximum benefit.


I love my Customers!

She took the pain away in the balls of my feet! The pain was gone before I even knew it. I’ll be floating after this!


It was so great to come in and see friends, some I haven’t seen in a long time! I feel like they pampered me!

Nancy Nazer


Email: beingthebeholder@gmail.com


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